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Our specialty is Cloth Moths, Mice and Roach treatments
We inspect and treat your house or business inside and out to eliminate existing infestations.

We have been providing exterminator services throughout the NYC area. Outstanding service you can depend on.

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About us

With superior service VJ Pest Management is built on the promise of total customer satisfaction. That includes quick response time, environmentally responsible programs, customized and detailed service, trained experts and satisfaction guaranteed. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any of our services, we’ll keep coming back until you are pleased. That’s why you can expect more and get it.

I. P. M – Intergrated Pest Management is a combination of proven pest management techniques. The individual steps in this program allow the service personnel to develop an effective, efficient and sustainable pest management result that emphasizes pest prevention and non-chemical methods. The decision to implement any treatment for a pest (whether educating building occupants, sealing entry holes, vacuuming up insects or applying a pesticide) is made after a thorough inspection that gathers information about the pest, the people exposed to the pest and the structure involved.
By using our services you will be pest less and satisfied with the end results.
   “causes your problem is no problem”
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Our Testimonials

I had a real bad Bed Bug problem in my son’s bedroom. They came the same day. Plus gave me a follow up treatment, for free. My wife and I are very satisfied.

Milton Coradan Milton Coradan

I’m a superintendent and I’ve been using VJ Pest Management for some time now. When ever a pest problem occurs in my building I give them a call, so far they have removed Roaches, Mice and Cloth Moths, from several of tenents apartments. Preventing the Pest from reaching others. My landlord and I are very pleased and thankful.

David Rivera David Rivera

Coming across VJ Pest Management was a blessing. I was having a mice problem in my apartment, not knowing what to do, I was about to move out. A coworker who had used their services for a Roach problem she had at her home recommended their company to me. They were very professional, informative and thorough. Plus the price was very affordable. I definitely recommend VJ Pest Management to any and everyone.

Paulette Perez Paulette Perez