What To Do If You Discover Termite Damage in Your Home?

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Like other common household pests, termites should not be taken lightly. These destructive pests, like Bed Bugs in Upper Westside, are challenging to eliminate without the assistance of a professional pest control service provider for various reasons, including the fact that they are challenging to detect, reproduce quickly, and can rebuild their colony faster than you can imagine. Even if only a few of them live. So, if you find termites or signs of an active infestation in your home, take the following steps right away:

Find the Termite Nest

Finding termite nests is the first step toward effective termite treatment because a termite colony provides all of the necessary information – if there are termites on the property, what species of termites you’re dealing with, and the severity of the infestation matters a lot.

Homeowners should be familiar with the appearance of various termite species and the signs of an active infestation to locate termite colonies.

Understand the Appearance of Termites

  • Drywood termites, unlike subterranean termites, do not require soil contact to survive. You can commonly discover them in dead wood and other wooden structures around the house.
  • Formosan Termites – This termite species, like other subterranean termites, requires soil and moisture to survive.

Keep an eye out for Signs of their Activity

Mud tunnels connect the soil to the wood consumed by termites. Each mud tube is typically the width of a pencil, and you can easily find a group of phrases near the opening of a wooden structure. It appears to be sawdust, but it is a mixture of termite droppings, wood shavings, and the remains of a dead insect. Knocking on wood produces hollow sounds. Termites eat wood, but they usually leave the surface undamaged. An open sound indicates that the wood is weak and that termites are present.

You should Contact a Professional 

While some termites can be killed with home remedies or store-bought pesticides, wiping out the entire colony and preventing these pests from returning necessitates the assistance of a pest control company. 

Professional termite exterminators in Upper Westside have the necessary training, experience, and equipment to eliminate termites on a property. They used professional-grade termiticides that aren’t commercially available to quickly kill the termites and keep them from returning.

Replace the Ruined wood

It is critical to replace infested wood on the property after a termite treatment for two reasons: to preserve the home’s structural integrity and to ensure that any surviving termites are gone for good.


Unwanted pests in the home are similar to unwelcome diseases. There are numerous diseases to choose from, and they all hurt the home’s structure. If you have identified and are confident that you have these pests and mice in Upper Westside, you should seek professional assistance from VJ Pest.